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Table 2 Indicators according to RE-AIM framework

From: Promoting physical activity through primary health care: the case of Catalonia

RE-AIM Components Attributes Measurement Source/years
Reach PHC Coverage of adults' PA screening Cardiovascular risk factor adults (>15 years old) screened for PA / Cardiovascular risk factor adults (> 15 years old) attended EMR 2008-2015
PHC Increase of PA advice to inactive adults Cardiovascular risk factor adults (15-65 years old) screened for PA who receive PA advice/Cardiovascular risk factor adults (15-65 years old) screened as inactive Health Department 2012 & 2015
PHC Reach of PA advice to population % of patients who received PA advice from their health professional Health Survey 2012
Municipality Coverage of PAFES healthy routes People with access to a PAFES healthy route in their municipality/Population of Catalonia PAFES 2015
WPAD Increase in WPAD participation Increase of WPAD events organized and of total participation from 2010 to 2015 Web site 2010 & 2015
Effectiveness PHC Effectiveness of PA advice % of patients who received PA advice from their health professional and were active Health Survey 2012
PAFES Usefulness % of PHC PA Champions who believe Plan was useful to increase PA intervention and registration, PHC community activities, and PHC-municipality collaboration Satisfaction survey 2013
PAFES Increase of adults’ PA level between 2006 and 2010-2015 Adjusted Odds Ratio from 2006 to 2010-2015 of % of adults reaching PA recommendations by sex Health Survey 2006-2015
Adoption PHC PHC teams implementing Plan % of PHC teams implementing Plan/ PHC teams of Catalonia PAFES 2015
PHC Evolution of PHC team’s adoption Accumulated % of PHC teams attending TtT by year PAFES 2005-2015
PHC Evolution of PHC teams adopting PA registry Accumulated % of PHC teams with some PA registry at EMR by year EMR 2008-2015
Municipality Municipalities adopting PAFES Number of municipalities of >5000 population with a PAFES healthy route/total municipalities in Catalonia of >5000 population Web site 2015
Networking at local level Existence of networking at local level % of PHC PA Champions who state there is collaboration at local level for PA promotion Satisfaction Survey 2013
WPAD WPAD adoption Number of PHC teams registering WPAD event / PHC teams, Catalonia Municipalities registering WPAD event / Municipalities in Catalonia Web site 2010-2015
Implementation PHC Degree of PHC team implementation Process evaluation (training, number of PHC PA Champions, awareness and evaluation of web and bulletin, web visits per year) PAFES & satisfaction survey
PHC Fidelity Total PA screening and PA interventions done EMR 2008-2015
PHC Degree of local PA program implementation There is/has been a local PA program Satisfaction survey 2013
PHC Penetrability % of PHC Centres that registered PA screening and intervention, by health region, in 2008, 2012 and 2015 EMR/PAFES 2008 to 2015
PAFES Time Plan implementation by year PAFES
PAFES Cost Total costs of the Plan /total PA interventions registered by PHC teams PAFES 2005-2015
Maintenance PAFES Sustainability Sustainability elements PAFES
PAFES Plan adaptation Adaptations through the years PAFES
  1. PHC Primary Health Care, PA Physical Activity, TtT Train the Trainer, EMR Electronic Medical Record, WPAD World Physical Activity Day