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Table 2 Unit price of each resource

From: Cost-effectiveness of Family Group Conferencing in child welfare: a controlled study

Costs Resource Unit price (indexed at 2015 euro’s)
p/c = per contact
p/d = per day
Health care costs Psychiatrist/psychologist 94.90 p/c
Psychiatrist/psychologist (institutional) 112.67 p/c
Social worker 71.92 p/c
General practitioner 33.20 p/c
Pediatrist 101.61 p/c
Medical specialist 92.55 p/c
Alternative practitioner 54.63 p/c
Emergency aid hospital 260.55 p/c
In-patient hospital care 505.77 p/d
In patient mental health care (parent) 256.69 p/d
Residential/detention care 557.18 p/d
Day treatment 170.39 p/c
Addiction care 191.41 p/c
Foster care  
 Age 0–8 17.65 p/d
 Age 9–11 17.87 p/d
 Age 12–15 19.44 p/d
 Age 16–18 21.49 p/d
Council for child protection 109.25 p/c
Police 71.92 p/c
Lawyer/court 109.25 p/c
Non-health care costs School absence – regular education 5.33 p/h
School absence – special education 10.65 p/h
Loss of daily activities for the child 5.33 p/h
Loss of daily activities for the parent 12.74 p/h
Loss of paid work for the parent 34.96 p/h
Loss of unpaid work for the parent 14.08 p/h
Child welfare Child welfare 23.79 p/d
Costs of FGCa Completed conference 3829
Preparation FGC without conference 2564
Only information meeting 285
  1. a Unit prices are based on the Dutch translation of the original model of FGC, namely ‘Eigen Kracht-conferentie’ [Own Strength conference]