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Table 3 Categories of health workers trained in VHF case management and IPC plus those trained in safe sample collection and referral in Uganda, 2015–2016

From: The design and implementation of the re-vitalised integrated disease surveillance and response (IDSR) in Uganda, 2013–2016

Health worker category Numbers trained (%) Time of Training
Training on VHF case management and infection prevention and control
 Clinicians 337 (69) Sept-Dec 2015
 Non-Clinicians 134 (27.5) Sept-Dec 2015
 National Trainers 17 (3.5) Jul-2015
Training on sample collection, packaging and transportation of dangerous pathogens for laboratory health workers
 Laboratory workers 208 (91.6)  
 Laboratory hub riders/Transporters 4 (1.8) Sep 2015- Aug 2016
 Postal service personnel 15 (6.6)