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Table 1 List of interview questions, Shanghai, 2016

From: The role of severity perceptions and beliefs in natural infections in Shanghai parents’ vaccine decision-making: a qualitative study

1. Tell me a little bit about your thoughts on childhood vaccination.
2. The governments of some countries mandate children to be vaccinated while some don’t. What do you think of that?
3. Some vaccines at the clinic are free and some are for-fee. Can you walk me through how do you decide whether or not to give your child a voluntary, for-fee vaccine?
4. Can you help me understand what influences people’s decision to vaccine their child with a for-fee vaccine?
5. What do you know about pneumonia and pneumonia vaccines?
6. What do you know about meningitis and meningitis vaccines?
7. How important is the manufacturer in your vaccine decision? Specifically foreign vs domestic manufacturers?
8. Does what you hear in the news influence your decision to get a vaccine?
9. What about the number of vaccines a child receives in the first year of life, do you think it is too much, about right, or too few? Why?
10. Think about a situation where your child needed to get 5 different vaccine shots within two months. You can decide to get these all in one visit, or to come to the immunization clinic multiple times. Ideally, how often would you want to come to the clinic, and how many shots would you like to be given to your child in one visit?
11. What is the most important characteristic about a vaccine that would or would not make you want to give the vaccine to your child?
12. What is the most important characteristic about a disease that would or would not make you want to protect your child against the disease with a vaccine?