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Table 3 Shows the performance of the spot test of community health workers after training on the preparation and interpretation of the Point-of-Care Circulating Cathodic Antigen tests

From: Integrating use of point-of-care circulating cathodic antigen rapid diagnostic tests by community health workers during mass drug administration campaigns to improve uptake of praziquantel treatment among the adult population at Kome Island, North-Western Tanzania: a cluster randomized community trial

Test kit ID Expert laboratory technician Community health workers (CHWs) Total marks for each test kit for CHWs (%)
Positive Negative Positive Negative
122 Positive   Positive   100
14   Negative   Negative 100
60 Positive   Positive   100
d16 Positive Negative Positive   100
20 Positive    Negative 97
53 Positive   Positive   93
17 Positive   Positive   100
118   Negative   Negative 80
93   Negative Positive   100
100 New test (unused kit) New test(unused kit) 70