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Table 2 Variables used in the analysis of predictors of place of delivery among women with most recent births for 29 sub-Saharan African countries

From: Health facility delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: successes, challenges, and implications for the 2030 development agenda

Variable Coding categories Description/definitions
Dependent variable
Place of delivery 0: Non-health facility (Ref); 1: Health facility Place where the woman delivered
Independent variables   
Wealth quintile 1: Lowest (Ref); 2: Second; 3: Third; 4: Fourth; 5: Highest Measure of household wealth status based on household assets
Residence 1: Rural (Ref.); 2: Urban Urban or rural residence
Education level 1: None (Ref.); 2: At least primary Highest education level attained by the respondent
Community women’s education 1: Low (Ref.); 2: Medium; 3: High Community level education measured as the proportion of women with at least primary education in the primary sampling unit. The measure was divided into 3 tertiles and categorized as low, medium and high.
Age at birth 1: < 20 (Ref.); 2: 20–24; 3: 25–29; 4: 30+ Mother’s age at birth
Birth order 1: 1 (Ref); 2: 2–3; 3: 4+ Birth order of child for most recent birth
Round of survey period 1: Earliest (Ref); 2: Latest Round of survey period for the 29 countries
Region 1: Western Africa (Ref); 2: Middle Africa; 3: Eastern Africa; 4: Southern Africa Sub-Saharan African region (see country list in Table 1)
  1. Note: “Ref.” – Reference category