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Table 5 Most active institutions in research about international Arab migrants (1988–2017)

From: Global research output in the health of international Arab migrants (1988–2017)

Rank# Institution Number of publications %
N = 1186
Country affiliation
1st American University of Beirut 45 3.8 Lebanon
2nd Wayne State University 31 2.6 USA
3rd Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 20 1.7 USA
3rd The University of Jordan 20 1.7 Jordan
5th Uppsala Universitet 18 1.5 Sweden
5th Lunds Universitet 18 1.5 Sweden
7th University of Oxford 16 1.3 UK
8th Helsingin Yliopisto 14 1.2 Finland
9th United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East 13 1.1
9th Turun yliopisto 13 1.1 Finland
9th US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 13 1.1 USA
  1. #Institutions with equal research output were given the same rank, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers