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Table 4 Summary of included reviews reporting studies of preventative treatment policy interventions

From: The effects of public health policies on health inequalities in high-income countries: an umbrella review

Study No. of relevant studies Context (setting, country, search timeframe) Intervention(s) Summary of results AMSTAR quality appraisal (derived from R-AMSTAR)
Croker-Buque et al. 2016 [46] 5 (41) Children and adolescents, OECD countries, April 2008 – November 2015 Reminder and recall systems. There is some evidence of positive effects of reminder and recall systems when targeted at disadvantaged groups, but universal systems have no effect on health inequalities. 22 (low)
Menzies and McIntyre 2006 [47] 7 (17) Indigenous children and adults; search timeframe unknown, Australia, United States, Canada Funded vaccination (for Hepatitis A and B and pneumococcal disease) for indigenous children and adults, either targeted or part of the universal programs. Immunisation programs reduce disease in indigenous populations and reduce racial disparities. Vaccinations for viral diseases (e.g. Hepatitis B) is most successful since strain variations are less important and herd immunity is high. 17 (low)