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Table 2 Outcomes and other measures collected at the different time points

From: The Smart City Active Mobile Phone Intervention (SCAMPI) study to promote physical activity through active transportation in healthy adults: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

   Baseline 3 months 6 months
Assessments Measure    
MVPA, minutes/day ActiGraph wGT3x-BT x x x
Leisure and work time physical activitya Questionnaire x x x
Travel behaviour (active transportation) Smartphone application (TRavelVU) x x x
Health related quality of life RAND-36 x x x
Attitudes towards active transportation Transport and physical activity questionnaire (TPAQ) x x x
Neighbourhood walkability Neighbourhood environment walkability scale (NEWS) x   
Sociodemographic factorsb Questionnaire x   
  1. Abbreviations: MVPA moderate-to-vigorous physical activity
  2. aTwo questions in the web-based questionnaire are used to assess leisure and work time physical activity [34]
  3. bOccupational status, area of residency, type of housing and access to a bicycle were also repeated at the 3 and 6 month follow-ups