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Table 2 HIV-related knowledge of healthcare providers, Guangzhou, China

From: HIV-related stigma and discrimination amongst healthcare providers in Guangzhou, China

  Item Correct responses N (%)
HIV transmission knowledge Which is the least risky pattern of exposure to HIV-positive blood? 818 (84.2)
Which type of body fluid from PLWHA can cause infection? 797 (82.0)
Which is the most effective measure to prevent HIV infection? 769 (79.1)
What is the current stage of the AIDS epidemic in China? 752 (77.4)
Which sexual behaviour is the most dangerous? 470 (48.4)
What are the epidemic characteristics of HIV/AIDS in China? 379 (39.0)
Exposure prevention knowledge How should one address needles used by HIV-positive patients? 879 (90.4)
Which is not a universal precautionary principle to prevent occupational exposure to HIV? 807 (83.0)
Which is not a measure of HIV occupational exposure? 741 (76.2)
What is the best time for preventive medication after occupational exposure? 720 (74.1)
Which treatment is not correct if stabbed by HIV-contaminated needles? 681 (70.1)
Which is not a principle that is commonly followed by parties and the relevant departments after HIV occupational exposure? 564 (58.0)
Which is not the main basis for assessing the risk of HIV exposure? 556 (57.2)
How many days is the course of preventive medication after occupational exposure? 491 (50.5)
How should one to treat the eye mucosa after it is splashed by HIV-infected fluid? 460 (47.3)
Which is the correct operation to prevent occupational exposure to HIV? 214 (22.0)