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Table 3 Indices and weights of CHI

From: Construction of China cardiovascular health index

Stair index (dimension) Secondary index Number Index Weight
A. Prevalence of CVD A1 Probability of premature deaths A01 Probability of premature deaths from the total cardiovascular disease 0.0750
A02 Probability of premature deaths from cerebral apoplexy 0.0315
A03 Probability of premature deaths from coronary heart disease 0.0309
A2 Morbidity rate A04 Morbidity rate of myocardial infarction 0.0348
A05 Morbidity rate of cerebral apoplexy 0.0348
B. Exposure of risk factors B1 Behavior B01 Smoking rate 0.0136
B02 Physical inactivity rate 0.0083
B03 Salt intake level (g/d) 0.0071
B04 Insufficient intake rate of vegetable and fruit 0.0061
B2 Metabolic indices B05 Overweight rate 0.0009
B06 Obesity rate 0.0024
B07 Abdominal obese rate 0.0034
B08 Morbidity rate of hypertension 0.0216
B09 Morbidity rate of diabetes 0.0123
B10 Morbidity rate of hyperlipoidemia 0.0093
B3 Concentration of PM2.5 B11 Concentration of PM2.5 0.0152
C.Prevention and control of risk factors C1 Hypertension C01 Blood pressure detection rate 0.0270
C02 Awareness rate of hypertension 0.0327
C03 Treatment rate of hypertension 0.0506
C04 Control rate of hypertension 0.0684
C2 Diabetes C05 Blood glucose detection rate 0.0131
C06 Awareness rate of diabetes 0.0133
C07 Treatment rate of diabetes 0.0175
C08 Control rate of diabetes 0.0255
C3 Hyperlipoidemia C09 Blood lipid detection rate 0.0121
C10 Awareness rate of hyperlipoidemia 0.0104
C11 Treatment rate of hyperlipoidemia 0.0148
C12 Control rate of hyperlipoidemia 0.0204
C4 Successful smoking cessation rate C13 Successful smoking cessation rate 0.0596
D. Treatment of CVD D1 Treatment ability D01 Number of doctors at cardiovascular department and neurology department 0.0101
D02 Number of catheter room 0.0053
D03 Number of ambulance 0.0067
D04 Number of beds at cardiovascular department and neurology department 0.0079
D05 Number of chest pain center 0.0058
D06 Number of stroke center 0.0056
D2 Treatment procedure D07 Proportion of primary PCI on total PCI procedures among STEMI patients 0.0054
D08 Proportion of thrombolysis among ischemic stroke patients 0.0047
D09 Proportion of STEMI patients receiving reperfusion therapy 0.0060
D10 Proportion of AMI patients receiving guideline-recommended drug therapies 0.0057
D11 Hospitalization rate of AMI and cerebral apoplexy 0.0194
D3 Treatment outcome D12 In-hospital mortality of AMI patients 0.0203
D13 In-hospital mortality of cerebral apoplexy patients 0.0203
D14 Out-of-hospital death of AMI and cerebral apoplexy to total death of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases 0.0227
D15 Death of AMI and cerebral apoplexy to total death 0.0351
E. Public health policy and service ability E1 Policy E01 Intervention policy of risk factors 0.0245
E02 Security policy of chronic diseases 0.0274
E2 Health expenditure E03 Proportion of government input on CVD 0.0142
E04 Use of medicine interfering risks 0.0160
E3 Residents’ health literacy level E05 Residents’ health literacy level 0.0291
E4 System construction of prevention and control E06 Availability of affordable basic technologies and essential medicines 0.0160
E07 Number of CDC professionals 0.0056
E08 Number of General practitioners 0.0130