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Table 3 Mean percentage of correct answers in diagnosis and treatment

From: Knowledge and determinants regarding tuberculosis among medical students in Hunan, China: a cross-sectional study

Correct answers Mean percentage (%)
 Sputum test is necessary to detect suspected pulmonary TB 69.9
 Chest x-ray is recommended when someone has a positive tuberculin skin test 63.4
 Lung, brain, kidney could be affected by M. Tuberculosis 53.7
 Positive intradermal reaction test indicates increased sensitization to drugs 50.2
 First contact with bacteria causes a primary complex 47.9
 Patients and health operators which come in contact with a TB patient should receive PPD test 37.4
 PPD test is positive from an induration diameter of 5 mm 36.9
 PPD test is an intradermal injection 31.3
 The immune response to TB is cell mediated 27.4
  “Quantiferon TB gold” test can differentiate infection from other reasons for testing positive 22.7
 It is an expression of immune response to mycobacterial antigens which is not a limit of tuberculin skin test. 20.6
 After 5 weeks, the primary infection does tuberculin test result will become positive 19.5
 Tine test is a multiple puncture test 10.1
 Koch bacillus identification is always performed through Ziehl–Neelsen stain 8.8
 Penicillin G is not useful for TB treatment 74.9
 In case of positive PPD test in an exposed health operator, he/she should be assessed for further investigations and for prophylactic treatment with isoniazid 61.3
 Prophylactic treatment with isoniazid is implemented to close contacts resulted negative to the test 46.6
 Consider an active TB woman in homecare therapy who has recently discovered to be pregnant, she should be informed that tuberculosis does not increase the risk of miscarriage and treatment should be changed because there is a potential risk of toxicity for the child 35.7
 TB patient supposed to be hospitalized for an effective treatment every 7–10 days 19.2