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Table 2 Mean percentage of correct answers in epidemiology and prevention

From: Knowledge and determinants regarding tuberculosis among medical students in Hunan, China: a cross-sectional study

Correct answers Mean percentage (%)
BCG is a vaccine for TB 90.6
TB transmitted via airborne 89.7
Higher incidence and delay in diagnosis of TB related to disequalities, Socio-economic issues and low resources of native country 67.7
Prevalence of TB in India and China is highest 64.9
Health operators, immigrants, elderly, children, immunosuppressed patients are at more risk of TB 63.5
Masks are necessary for entering a room where an open TB patient stays 55.9
The current TB vaccine is live attenuated vaccine 52.2
Patients with both latent TB infection and HIV infection will increase the risk for developing active TB 44.8
TB vaccination in low prevalence populations is not useful in controlling the spread of TB 41.2
Isolate an open pulmonary TB patient using a negative pressure room 38.7
HIV is strongly related with the TB bacillus 37.7
The prevalence of TB in China is currently 60–70 cases per 100,000 people 28.9
Mycobacterium Avium Complex is the most frequent aetiologic agent of TB 6.4