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Table 4 Example quotes from process evaluation interviews

From: Feasibility and acceptability of a cancer symptom awareness intervention for adults living in socioeconomically deprived communities

Coding Example quotes Text reference
Intervention acceptability “Very personable, very approachable, a good listener. Took on board what I had to say, even though parts of it, because I talked about my Mum, I was quite upset.” Female, 48 A
“It was more of a very friendly discussion about the areas that I could look at to improve, to give myself a better chance of surviving longer.” Male, 49 B
“If there was a question that I wasn’t sure of, and it was sort of, say there was three different answers you could answer, and that answer wasn’t there, then I’d find it difficult, again I think that’s a generation thing, I’d rather verbally, rather than a screen or impersonal then put it that way.” Female, 63 C
“It was understandable, easily understandable. It wasn’t difficult to understand and it was in plain English, which I thought was good.” Female 71 D
“Personally I thought it was a little bit too much, to take in in one go, you just want to come out and come home, and said to my girls, I said well I can’t tell you, I wouldn’t have a clue. It’s too much to take in, there was a lot that I didn’t know, but I thought there was a lot to take in, again a little bit repetitive.” Female, 63 E
“Some of the questions would be, not really concerned with, like this one ‘have you been losing weight without trying to?’ Yes or no, with me I’m on so many tablets, some months I put weight on, so it’s not difficult to answer it correctly but it’s a little bit of controversy, if you see what I mean?.” Female, 63 F
“In my head I was thinking, I already know that, I want you to talk to me about the things that did flag up, to me that’s the important bit, I need to know more about that so I can change.” Male, 50 G
“Very convenient. If I had to travel somewhere I don’t think I would have gone. Because it was here and I didn’t have to go out my way it was much easier.” Male, 50 H
Changes in symptom awareness and behaviour “My daughter now will, instead of making chocolate sandwiches for work, I will do her a pasta salad and things like that so they love it, they love the change.” Female, 40 I
“Let’s have a look at what I am eating, what I am drinking, what I am smoking. All the, what I am, what I thought was reasonable, some of them are not so reasonable, and I do need to back track and think. And I have.” Male, 49 J
“I am cautious about myself, especially for example when I am changing from day clothes to evening pyjamas or when I am in the shower, I have a big mirror in my bathroom so I do tend to look over my body, so that shows me various things, and I reveal those to my GP when I go to see him” Male, 65 K
“I didn’t really know that, if you had a persistent cough you should go and see about it because I would have thought it’s just sore throat or something.” Male, 56 years L
“I didn’t realise all the symptoms. It was informative, eye opening” Female, 40 years M