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Table 1 The Ophelia (Optimising Health Literacy and Access) principles that guide the aims, development and implementation of structured interventions to improve health and equity outcomes in communities [15]

From: HealthLit4Kids study protocol; crossing boundaries for positive health literacy outcomes

Principles Description
1. Outcomes focused Improved health and reduced health inequalities
2. Equity driven All activities at all stages prioritise disadvantaged groups and those experiencing inequity in access and outcome
3. Co-design approach In all activities at all stages, relevant stakeholders engage collaboratively to design solutions
4. Needs- diagnostic approach Participatory assessment of local needs using local data
5. Driven by local wisdom Intervention development and implementation is grounded in local experience and expertise
6. Sustainable Optimal health literacy practice becomes normal practice and policy
7. Responsiveness Recognise that health literacy needs and the appropriate responses vary across individuals, contexts, countries, cultures and time
8. Systematically applied A multilevel approach in which resources, interventions, research and policy are organised to optimise health literacy