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Table 1 Demographics to be Collected by Online Surveys Administered at Pre-NG911 (Baseline), During-NG911(within 1 month after deployment) and Post-NG911 Technologies Implementation (6 months after deployment)

From: Impact of new technologies on stress, attrition and well-being in emergency call centers: the NextGeneration 9–1-1 study protocol

1A. Call Center Work Environment Demographics & Characteristics
 Type of Center (urban/rural)
 # TCs
 Basic Shift Structureb
 Shift Assignment Processb
 Overtime Structure (voluntary/mandatory, # hours between shifts)b
 Break Structureb
Training Protocolsb
Absenteeism Levela
Attrition (Voluntary, Terminated, Laid Off, Retired)a
Current Vacancies/Vacancy Levela
Citizen Complaints/Inquiriesa
Mandatory Overtime Requireda
General Call Center Stress Levela
Call Center Technology-Related Stress Levela
Ongoing Training (topic, length)a
1B. TC Demographics & Characteristics
 Age Range
 Age (years)c
 Educational Level
Years Worked as TC
Current Shift/Work Schedule
Partner Status
Children under 18 Years
Sick Days Taken (last month)
Vacation Taken (last month)
Overtime, Mandatory & Voluntary (last month)
Stressful Calls (last month)
Regular Exercise
Pet Ownership
1C. Manager Demographics & Characteristics
 Age Range
 Age (years)c
 Educational Level
Years Worked in Center
Years as Manager in Center
Fill-in for TCs, # Hours (last month)
Current Personal Work-Related Stress Level
  1. aas reported by manager for last month bcaptured by documentation review as needed cfinal survey only