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Table 1 Socio-demographic profile of the population in the Municipality of Aarhus, the social housing sector in the municipality and in the socially deprived settlement of the satellite health centre (Information retrieved from the social registry of the Municipality of Aarhus)

From: Uptake of health checks by residents from the Danish social housing sector – a register-based cross-sectional study of patient characteristics in the ‘Your Life – Your Health’ program

(November, 2013) Municipality of Aarhus (N = 330.000) Social housing sector in the municipality of Aarhus (N = 75.500) Deprived social housing settlement (N = 6650)
Unemployment ratea,b 17.0% 37.5% 52.4%
Social welfare recipientsb 11.5% 27.7% 37.2%
Non-western originc 10.7% 30.3% 79.7%
  1. aIncludes students
  2. bage 18 to 64
  3. cTotal population