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Table 2 Examples of 1 year’s topics of knowledge brokering and translation for NCCID, applied to an adaptation of the program science framework

From: The value of program science to optimize knowledge brokering on infectious diseases for public health

Domains of Practice NCCID Topics of Evidence & Knowledge Intended Outcomes for Public Health
Drivers & Burdens of Infectious Diseases
(Strategic Planning)
Drivers & burden of TB in diverse populations
Drivers & burden of poor oral health in refugee populations
Drivers & burden of STIs in Indigenous youth
Best strategy
Right populations
Right time
Public Health Responses & Interventions
(Program Implementation)
Novel approaches to syphilis outbreaks in two geographies in Canada
Appropriate responses for TB in the north
Regional programs for Syrian refugees
The right things
The right way
Monitoring and Evaluation (Program Management) Big data for outbreak management
HIV Cascade treatment indicators
Directory of AMS programs in Canada
Appropriate scale
Change, when needed