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Table 4 Partial matrix of change objectives

From: Development of an intervention delivered by mobile phone aimed at decreasing unintended pregnancy among young people in three lower middle income countries

Performance objectives
  Knowledge Attitudes Intention Personal agency
Young people will… Behavioural outcome 1: Use effective contraception
po1.1 Choose a method k1.1.1 Name the effective methods
k1.1.2 Describe how the effective methods work
k1.1.3 List the risks & benefits of the range of effective methods
a1.1.1 Express positive attitudes towards the effective methods
a1.1.2 Recognise that hormonal methods are not less healthy than non-hormonal methods
a1.1.3 Differentiate between real potential side-effects and misconceptions
a1.1.4 Recognise that an experience of side-effects in one method may not occur in another method
i1.1.1 Assess options
i1.1.2 Express intention to choose effective contraception
pa1.1.0 Express personal agency in choosing an effective method despite fears of being judged by society (married or not married)