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Table 2 Implementation outcomes identified among RW participants, dropped, and non-participants

From: A formative study to understand perspectives of families eligible for a pediatric obesity program: a qualitative study

Implementation outcome Theme Quote Participants Dropped RW Non-participants
Feasibility Call Scheduling “She was very accommodating too, coz usually I’m not home during the day. I’m home… like at night. I’m just on vacation this week from school, so…” 8 12 3
Scheduling accommodations “Um, I only talked to them twice, because they never called when they were supposed to.” 8 12 2
Call Frequency “no they weren’t over bearing but they didn’t call too much or not enough. I think they spread it nicely, so I think didn’t feel like I was overwhelmed.” 6 6 3
Acceptability Content/ Advice “Oh the dietitian that called and she wanted to you know see if um, it was a while ago, it was at least six months ago and you know and she just basically wanted to see if I wanted to discuss you know any, if I needed any advice on what I’m feeding my daughter basically nutrition,” 14 22 5
Goal-setting “I can remember making goals, but I can’t remember exactly. I think one of the goals was uh drinking more water for both of us and… which we have done, I mean that’s all we drink in between. I have coffee in the morning and she sometimes will have a coffee in the morning, but most of the time she’s straight up water all day.” 11 4 2
Making Changes “Yep, yeah, he cut down… – We’re down to I think it was, two…we’re down to like two sugary drinks a week, … and eating out, that’s like once every two weeks. So… that’s, y’know, it kinda made him aware as well, too.” 12 9 1
Tailored recommendations “Yeah, I think, … especially during this... that first call... kinda got to know, like, what... how… when and what times we eat, and what Tony’s schedule is… even at school. Um, what times he eats at school. And then, also just activities and when are... kind of, his weekly schedule is. So, I think it would be helpful for her to give more advice of, maybe how to implement more things. That would be (takes a breath in) … easy and not hard on our schedules, at least to…” 11 13 2
Coach Relationship “She’s actually been a wonderful support system.” 11 14 2
Providing cues to action “That is really, yeah that’s also good, it gives, sometimes it’s used as a reminder, you know like a reminder or like you know like are you doing this, are you following up on this.” 5 3 1
Resources/ Referrals “no, I think she was really good, coz she also offered… you know, if we needed to talk to … what was like it… a exercise or fitness person that they have, too. …you know, so she offered some other things, too.” 12 6 5
Mailed resources “Yes, she offered to have other people to contact me, and I said no. She offered to send packages out, and um to give us ideas of what to feed her, exercise events, but… well, yeah.” 12 6 4
Appropriateness Constraints/ Reach “We, we go through some crises here. So, sometimes I just can’t...take a call.” 9 12 17