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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of IPC performance (below- versus above-median-IPC score) and the number of IPC-trained staff

From: Impact of infection prevention and control training on health facilities during the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Guinea

Variables aOR (95% CI) p-value*
Number of Trained staff
 1 3.85 (1.50–9.90) < 0.01
 2 or more 7.73 (3.21–18.64) < 0.001
Type of healthcare facility
 Public 4.48 (0.90–22.22) NS
 Certified 1.61 (0.78–3.30) NS
  1. Observations with outcome corresponded to health centers with IPC scores above median
  2. aOR adjusted Odds Ratio, NS Non-significant
  3. *Wald test