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Table 2 Perceptions of influenza and its vaccine: vaccinated patients with diabetes (N = 8)

From: Flu vaccination among patients with diabetes: motives, perceptions, trust, and risk culture - a qualitative survey

Category n Examples from interview transcripts
Feeling of vulnerability to influenza 5 I know that the flu in a person with diabetes, it can have serious consequences... (P12).
No feeling of vulnerability due to diabetes 3 ... I feel good, I live with it! Listen, I ride a bike, I’m in a hiking club so I walk, and I never have problems because well I might have hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia or whatever, but I never have this kind of problem (P13).
Influenza: disease perceived or experienced as serious 7 ... I know that the flu in people with diabetes can have serious consequences... (P12).
Because I’ve been sick: I’ve had the flu… (P11).
The vaccine protects 8 Because I told myself that in any case it’s better to have a little vaccination than to have 40 ° C of fever, because that [the influenza vaccine] cuts it back some (P18).
The vaccine protects others 1 So I say that... getting vaccinated protects yourself and protects your children but it also protects other people because otherwise it can spread... (P12).
The vaccine is not always effective 1 I have always done it even though some years I got the shot and then I was sick anyway; so sometimes I was tempted to stop the next year. (P13).
The vaccine can have side effects, but not serious or much less important than its advantages 3 ... I know that it can induce muscle aches or things like that, but, well... (P13).
... I have never considered not doing it because the risks you have from a vaccine are minor compared with what they spare us... (P11).
 Perception of low risk 3 ... I know there are aluminum salts but it is infinitesimal compared with.... we eat aluminum salts, they’re in our food... (P12).
 Admission of ignorance and fatalism 1 ... well, I know that there are some (aluminum salts) but I don’t know what they are, exactly; in any case, there are things in all drugs... (P13).