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Table 3 The PozQoL scale

From: Development and validation of PozQoL: a scale to assess quality of life of PLHIV

I. health concerns  
1. I worry about my health  
2. I worry about the impact of HIV on my health  
3. I fear the health effects of HIV as I get older  
II. psychological  
4. I am enjoying life  
5. I feel in control of my life  
6. I am optimistic about my future  
7. I feel good about myself as a person  
III. social  
8. I feel that HIV limits my personal relationships  
9. I lack a sense of belonging with people around me
10. I am afraid that people may reject me when they learn I have HIV
IV. functional  
11. I feel that HIV prevents me from doing as much as I would like  
12. Having HIV limits my opportunities in life  
13. Managing HIV wears me out  
  1. “This survey is intended for people living with HIV. We would like to ask you about your health, relationships, life satisfaction, and wellbeing. Please indicate how much the following statements apply to you on a scale from 1 – not at all to 5 – extremely.” 1 – not at all 2 – slightly 3 – moderately 4 – very 5 – extremely