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Table 4 Days of Modified Behavior in Response to Perceived Air Quality by Respiratory Disease Status and IMECA Awareness

From: Assessing air quality index awareness and use in Mexico City

Disease +
Disease -
Familiar with Air Quality Index 4.5 days
(n = 50)
4 days
(n = 141)
Unfamiliar with Air Quality Index 3 days
(n = 21)
3 days
(n = 69)
  1. Note. Disease status is separated by those with (+) and without (−) a respiratory disease themselves or in a member of their household. N refers to the number of respondents in each category. Days reflect median values of annual days where behavior was modified in response to perceived air quality
  2. Abbreviations: IMECA The Índice Metropolitano de la Calidad del Aire, Mexico City’s air quality index