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Table 2 Data sources

From: Understanding community-based participatory research through a social movement framework: a case study of the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project

Data collection strategies

Data sources



1. Document review

Documents types


1. KSDPP annual summaries of activities and work plans

Description of school- and community-based program of activities, from year 1994 to 2016


2. Scientific publications

Publications in academic journals, thesis and book chapter directly related to KSDPP (including descriptions of design and general approach of the project, implementation evaluation, outcomes assessment) or related to the antecedent stage of KSDPP (for instance, publications documenting baseline rates of diabetes in Kahnawake), from year 1988 to 2016.


Total documents


2. Talking circles

Stakeholders groups


1. Intervention staff and Community Advisory Board (CAB) members

Past and current KSDPP intervention staff who develop(ed) and implement(ed) KSDPP health promotion interventions in the schools and the community. Community Advisory Board (CAB) members are past and current members of the committee supervising the administrative and financial operations of KSDPP, reviewing all intervention, research and training activities and ensuring research accountability to the community.


2. Research team members

Past and current community researchers from Kahnawake and researchers from various universities (including Université de Montréal and McGill University) that have contributed to a research project with KSDPP.


3. Community workers

Professionals working in different public sectors of the community (education, healthcare and social services) and providing direct or indirect services to or for the benefit of community members.


4. Community members

Residents of Kahnawake who are not involved in the previous groups and that can be conceived more as potential beneficiaries of the program (children’s relatives including parents and grand-parents).


Total participants