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Table 1 Descriptive Statistics of Study Variables (n = 10,160)

From: Association between body mass index and health outcomes among adolescents: the mediating role of traditional and cyber bullying victimization

Variable Range or Frequency Mean or Percentage Standard Deviation
Dependent Variables
Physical Distress 0~12a 2.95a 2.87a
Psychological Distress 0~20a 5.39a 4.75a
Independent Variables
 BMI (Body Mass Index) (%)
  Healthy Weight 6465b 63.63b  
  Underweight 432b 4.25b
  Overweight 1855b 18.26b
  Obese 1408b 13.86b
Mediate Variables
Traditional Victimization 0~28a 2.69a 4.79a
Cyber Victimization 0~16a .58a 2.18a
Control Variables
Gender (1=Male) (%) 5227b 51.45b  
Age 10~17a 12.95a 1.75a
Ethnicity (1=Hispanic) (%) 2916b 28.70b  
Race (1=White) (%) 4961b 48.83b
  1. Note. a The range, mean, and standard deviation are reported
  2. bThe frequency and percentage are reported