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Table 2 Summary of ideational predictors of bed net use, by country

From: Associations between ideational variables and bed net use in Madagascar, Mali, and Nigeria

Predictor Country
Madagascar Mali Nigeria
Perceived severity of a malaria infection ns ns
Self-efficacy to detect severe case of malaria + ns ns
Self-efficacy to prevent malaria + ns ns
Self-efficacy to obtain enough nets for the household + + ns
Response efficacy (belief that nets are effective) ns ns
Perceived community norm of bed net use + na ns
Knowledge of where to get bed nets + na ns
Knowledge that fever is a sign of malaria ns + ns
Knowledge that mosquitos are the malaria vector ns + ns
Participating in decision-making about net allocation + na ns
Number of positively significant ideational predictors of bed net use 7 3 0
  1. Key: + (positively relationship), − (negatively significant), ns (not significant), na (not measured)