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Table 1 Programme theory of A Healthy School Start Plus intervention study

From: A Healthy School Start Plus for prevention of childhood overweight and obesity in disadvantaged areas through parental support in the school setting - study protocol for a parallel group cluster randomised trial

Intervention characteristics Process evaluation Outcome evaluation
Input Core intervention components Materials Implementation strategies Mediators Process outcomes Short term outcomes Long term outcomes
Expert support
Local capacity
Health information
MI with parents
Classroom lectures and home assignments
Parent’s test for T2D
Health brochure
Teacher’s manual
Child’s workbook
Written agreement with schools
Kick-off meeting in schools
Training of school nurses in MI
Instructions for teachers in class room component
Parental self-efficacy
Parental behavioural capability
Parental outcome expectations and expectancies
Child observational learning
Fidelity to intervention components
Intake of vegetables and fruit
Intake of unhealthy foods
Physical activity
Sedentary behaviour
BMI in children with overweight and obesity
Waist circumference in children with overweight and obesity