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Table 1 Overview of survey measures MyMovez project – Phase I

From: Youth’s social network structures and peer influences: study protocol MyMovez project – Phase I

  Content/captures Instrument(s) Reference(s)
Individual measures
  Self-esteem Rosenberg Self-esteem scale [49]
  Body esteem Figure Rating Scale [50, 51]
  Need to belong Need to belong Scale [52]
  Fear of Negative Evaluation Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale [53]
  Happiness The Faces Scale [54]
  Pro-social behavior Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire [55]
  Public individuation Public individuation [56]
  Self-profiling of personality characteristics Descriptive [57]
Behavioral and motivational constructs of energy intake and expenditure
  Theory of Planned Behavior (attitude, self-efficacy, descriptive and injunctive norms, and intentions) Theory of Planned Behavior constructs [26, 58, 59]
  Motivation Adapted measures from the Health Care SDT Packet
Perceived competence scale
  Fogg Behavior Model (determinants motivation and ability with antecedents pleasure/pain, hope/fear, and social acceptance/rejection, time, money, physical effort, brain cycles, social deviance, and non-routine) - Fogg Behavior Model
- Theory of Planned Behavior constructs
- Adapted measures from the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale PACES
- Adapted measures from the Perceived Benefits of Physical Activity Scale
- Adapted measures from the Self-Report-Habit-index Scale (SRHI)
[29] [58, 59] [61] [62] [63]
  Opinion Leadership - King and Summers Opinion Leadership scale
- Opinion Leadership scale
[23] [24]
  Perceived social support Social support scale [64]
Energy intake related measures
  Consumption behavior (hunger, thirst, including specific Dutch snack and drink items) - Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) based on the Dutch EPIC Frequency Questionnaire [65] [12]
  Role models or ‘prototypes’ of consumption behavior Prototype-Willingness Model [66]
  Self-regulatory resources (internal and external attribution) Nutrition Locus of Control [67]
  Dieting behavior Descriptive  
  Physical environment diet (availability and accessibility) - Questionnaire to assess determinants related to fruit and vegetable intakes in children
- Child-reported family and peer influences questionnaire
[68, 69]
  Parental role modeling adapted from the Home Environment Scale [70]
  Occurrence unhealthy eating behaviors Descriptive / filler items  
Energy expenditure related measures
  Athletic competence Perceived Competence Scale for Children [71, 72]
  Barriers to Physical Activity (body-related, resources, social, fitness, and inconvenience barriers) Barriers to PA scale [73]
  Daily activities and sports participation (which sports they play and like) Descriptive / filler items  
  Environmental factors Descriptive [74]
  Habitual physical activity - Activity Questionnaire for Adolescents and Adults
- Questionnaire to Assess Health-enhancing physical activity
- ‘Day in the life’ Questionnaire
[75] [76,77,78] [79]
  Social norms and perceived physical activity Adapted from TPB constructs [58, 59]
  Injury check Descriptive  
  Motives for being physically active The Self-presentation Motives for Physical Activity Questionnaire [33]
(Social) Media consumption
  Television (TV) exposure (duration of exposure, type of TV stations, genre TV programs) Descriptive [80] [81]
  Internet and social media exposure (duration of exposure, type of social media platforms) Descriptive [80] [81]
  Video blog (Vlog) exposure (duration of exposure, names of Vloggers, type of Vlogs) Descriptive  
  Gaming behavior (duration, type and genre of games, which devices used, most liked) Descriptive  
  House rules on media use (screen-based activities) Activity Support Scale for Multiple Groups [82]
  Mealtime media use Descriptive / filler items [83]
  Use of health apps and Wearables (most liked, app effectiveness) Descriptive / filler items  
Research and app evaluation
  Evaluation research and app (liking en enjoyment research and app, games, avatar, jokes and memes, and Social Buzz) Descriptive / filler items  
Filler items
  Naming favorite foods, music, brands, animals, movies, celebrities, sports and sports heroes, daily planning, etc. Descriptive / filler items