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Table 1 Outcomes grouped per outputs and stakeholders with identification of the outcomes using value based on revealed preferences, generating the most and the less social value

From: Social value of a nutritional counselling and support program for breastfeeding in urban poor settings, Nairobi

Stakeholders Outcomes Values in USD Outcome using value based on revealed preferences approach Outcomes that generated the most social value Outcomes that generated the less social value
Mothers Outcome 1.1: Increased expenditure on nutritious food and/or health care −16,084    
Outcome 1.2: More worried mother due to loss in baby weight and poor health −99,181 x   x
Outcome 1.3: Less worried mother due to better health of her children 1,378,419 x x  
Outcome 1.4: Decreased expenditure on food and/or healthcare 15,001    
Outcome 1.5: Confident mother to overcome family’s pressure 1,057,745 x x  
Outcome 1.6: Having less burden of care 4923    
Outcome 1.7: Improved relationship at home 1,008,474 x x  
Outcome 1.8: Less stressed mother because less dependent on others 349,645 x   
Outcome 1.9: Less income due to job loss −14,747    
Outcome 1.10: Healthier mother 1,677,133 x x  
Outcome 1.11: Receiving more support from father 1682    
Total 5,363,010
Children Outcome 2.1: Healthier baby 803,371 x x  
Outcome 2.2: Less healthy baby due to difficulty in introducing complementary feeding −308,231 x   x
Outcome 2.3: Better Cognitive development 839,760 x x  
Total 1,334,900
Siblings Outcome 3.1: Improved school performance for siblings 156,069 x   
Outcome 3.2: Healthier sibling 1,101,472 x x  
Total 1,257,541
Fathers Outcome 4.1: Increased support to mother and child 0 (already valued in outcome 1.11)    
Outcome 4.2: Increased labour participation 40,058    
Outcome 4.3: Improved living standards at home 19,229    
Total 59,287
Grandmothers Outcome 5.1: Reduced stress due to mother caring better for her children 74,294 x   
Outcome 5.2: Happier grandmother 32,270 x   
Outcome 5.3: Decreased healthcare expenditure 4720    
Total 111,284
Health care providers Outcome 6.1: Decrease in workload due to healthier children in the community 44,279    
Outcome 6.2: Increased workload due to mothers seeking child checkups − 160,248    x
Total − 4685
Community health volunteers Outcome 7.1: Financial gain vs strain (salary vs own contribution to vulnerable children) 7376    
Outcome 7.2: Increased stress due to the difficulties posed by the work −21,859 x   
Outcome 7.3: Increased confidence 63,890 x   
Total 49,407
Data collectors Outcome 8.1: Increased income 882    
Outcome 8.2: Increased confidence 0 (valued in outcome 10.1)    
Outcome 8.3: Increased stress due to the difficulties posed by the work 0    
Total 882
Day-care centers Outcome 9.1: Increased stress due to increased enrollment − 3684 x   
Outcome 9.2: Increased in expenditure due to improved hygiene and nutritious food provided − 6703    
Outcome 9.3: Increased attendance of children 4041 x   
Total − 6346