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Table 3 Results of multi-level analyses examining the effect of community level factors on modern contraceptive use among young women in low- and middle income countries

From: Community influences on modern contraceptive use among young women in low and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional multi-country analysis

Community level factor Adjusted Odd ratio (AOR) and p-value 95% Confidence interval (CI)
Community mean age at marriage 1.078*** [1.07,1.09]
Community mean age at first birth 0.912*** [0.90,0.93]
Community mean age at sexual debut 0.799*** [0.79,0.81]
Community mean ideal number of children 0.645*** [0.63,0.65]
Community mean mass media exposure score 0.956*** [0.95,0.97]
Community mean household decision-making autonomy score 1.020*** [1.01,1.03]
Community mean attitudes towards intimate partner violence score 0.946*** [0.94,0.95]
Community mean years of completed education 1.045*** [1.04,1.05]
Community mean household wealth score 1.000 [1.00,1.00]
  1. Analyses adjusted for age, education level, current marital status, type of place of residence, household wealth, exposure to mass media and living number of children
  2. ***p < .001