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Table 3 Common Risk/Health Factor Measures

From: Reducing pediatric caries and obesity risk in South Asian immigrants: randomized controlled trial of common health/risk factor approach

Construct Variable Measure Source
Bottle/Sippy: Any (Y/N) 24 h recall (MSB)
Frequency (#/day) 24 h recall (MSB)
Added sweet/solid (Y/N) 24 h recall (MSB)
@ Bed or Nap (Y/N) 24 h recall (MSB)
Dietary Pattern F & V servings (#/day) 24 h recall (MSB)
Juice & sweet drinks (#/day) 24 h recall (MSB)
Sweet & salty snack (#/day) 24 h recall (MSB)
Unique Obesity Physical activity Questionnaire
Screen time Questionnaire
BMI-for-Age Z score Pediatrics visit
Weight Velocity Z score Pediatrics visit
Unique Oral Health Oral hygiene (#/day or wk) Questionnaire
Dental visit (Y/N) Questionnaire
Visible caries (Y/N) Intra-oral camera
Caries Severity (dfs index) I.O. camera