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Table 5 Percent reduction in Mean Squared Prediction Errors for Active Ottumwa and Living Well Together Validation Samples From Proposed Calibration Models

From: Calibration of the global physical activity questionnaire to Accelerometry measured physical activity and sedentary behavior

Predicted Variable Active Ottumwa
% Reduction in MSPE
Living Well Together
% Reduction in MSPE
Sedentary behavior (min/d) 77.7% 80.6%
Moderate-intensity physical activity (min/d) 66.4% 61.3%
Vigorous-intensity physical activity (min/d) 98.3% 98.6%
Moderate- and vigorous-intensity physical activity (min/d) 94.2% 77.5%
  1. MSPE = Mean Squared Prediction Errors; min/d = minutes per day