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Table 1 Literature Search Strategy, 2000–2016

From: School practices to promote social distancing in K-12 schools: review of influenza pandemic policies and practices

Database Search Terms Results
EBSCO (Academic Search Premiere) School (abstract) AND (pandemic or influenza) (abstract) 998
Education abstracts (school) and (pandemic or influenza) 214
Eric (school) and (pandemic or influenza) 143
Google Scholar (school and (influenza or pandemic)) 200a
JSTOR ((ab:(school) AND ab:(influenza or pandemic)) AND ((social distancing or practices or interventions or strategies or measures))) 66
Psych INFO (schools and pandemic or influenza and (social distancing or practices or measures or interventions or strategies) 106
PubMed (schools[Title/Abstract]) AND ((social distancing)[Title/Abstract] OR influenza[Title/Abstract] OR pandemic[Title/Abstract]) 480
Scopus School and (influenza or pandemic) (AB) 610
Social Sciences Abstracts school and (pandemic or influenza) (Title/Abstract) 104
Sociological Abstracts school and (pandemic or influenza) (Title/Abstract) 40
Web of Science TITLE: (school) AND TOPIC: ((pandemic or influenza) and (practice or strategy or measure or intervention or social distancing)) 215
WorldCat school and (influenza or pandemic) and (strategies or measures or interventions or practices or social distancing) 891
  1. Notes: aOnly first 200 results reviewed