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Table 2 Percentage of correct response to individual items on the questionnaire by the Australian general population

From: Public knowledge of chronic kidney disease evaluated using a validated questionnaire: a cross-sectional study

Item No Question Correct response (%) N = 943
1* A person can lead a normal life with one healthy kidney. 85.6
2 Herbal supplements can be effective in treating chronic kidney disease. 23.4
3* Certain medications can help to slow-down the worsening of chronic kidney disease. 51.2
What functions do the kidneys perform in the body?
4* The kidneys make urine. 62.1
5* The kidneys clean blood. 69.8
6 The kidneys help to keep blood sugar level normal. 22.6
7* The kidneys help to maintain blood pressure. 26.4
8 The kidneys help to breakdown protein in the body. 14.3
9* The kidneys help to keep the bones healthy. 14.3
Which of the following are commonly used to determine health of the kidneys?
10* A blood test. 68.2
11* A urine test. 76.2
12 A faecal test. 45.9
13* Blood pressure monitoring. 20.3
What are the risk factors for chronic kidney disease?
14* Diabetes. 60.6
15 Being female. 42.4
16* High blood pressure. 38.3
17* Heart problems such as heart failure or heart attack. 26.3
18 Excess stress. 16.4
19* Obesity. 58.6
What are the signs and symptoms that a person might have if they have advanced chronic kidney disease or kidney failure?
20* Water retention. (excess water in the body) 61.1
21 Fever. 15.2
22* Nausea/vomiting. 37.6
23* Loss of appetite. 38.4
24* Increased fatigue (tiredness). 58.7
  1. a True items