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Table 1 Factor loadings of items measuring perceived quality of patient-provider interactions (exploratory factor analysis, promax rotation)

From: Antenatal care satisfaction in a developing country: a cross-sectional study from Nigeria

Items Standardized Coefficient
Factor 1 Factor 2
The health staff are courteous and respectful 0.31 0.15
The health workers in this facility are extremely thorough and careful. 0.42 0.16
You trust in the skills and abilities of the health workers of this facility. 0.63 0.00
You completely trust the health worker’s decisions about medical treatments in this facility. 0.59 −0.04
The health workers in this facility are very friendly and approachable. 0.61 − 0.09
The health workers in this facility are easy to make contact with. 0.35 0.19
The amount of time you spent waiting to be seen by a health provider was reasonable. −0.02 0.40
You had enough privacy during your visit. −0.04 0.46
The health worker spent a sufficient amount of time with you 0.01 0.60
The hours the facility is open are adequate to meet your needs −0.02 0.58
  1. Minimum factor loading coefficient set at 0.30
  2. Factor 1: Assurance (Cronbach alpha, reliability coefficient: 0.70)
  3. Factor 2: Responsiveness (Cronbach alpha, reliability coefficient: 0.57)
  4. Inter-factor correlation: 0.55