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Table 1 Measurements of public health emergency management system

From: The public health emergency management system in China: trends from 2002 to 2012

Stage Capability Indicator Unit Response measurement and indicator calculation
1.Preparation 1.1Organization Percentage of establishing emergency response office % yes/no; number of CDCs’ responses/sample size
Percentage of forming leadership group %
Percentage of forming expert panel %
1.2Mechanisms Percentage of building information sharing mechanism %
Percentage of building on-site treatment mechanism %
Percentage of building material deployment mechanism %
1.3Workforce Average number of emergency response personnel Person number; total number of personnel/sample size
1.4Stockpile Percentage of fully stockpiling emergency resources % yes/no; number of stockpiling emergency resources/fully stockpiling emergency resources
2.Readiness 2.1Planning Percentage of formulating emergency response plan % yes/no; number of CDCs’ responses/sample size
2.2Training Average length of emergency response training Day/ person total days of emergency response training/total emergency response personnel
2.3Exercising Average times of exercises of emergency response plan Number of times total times of exercises /sample size
2.4Monitoring Disease surveillance and analytical period Frequency by day, week, ten days, month, quarter, year
2.5Direct report Percentage of internet direct report building % number; number of internet direct reports/total reports
3.Response 3.1Reporting Percentage of timely reporting % number; number of timely reports/total reports
3.2Coping Confirmation Score Points Ten-point scale, full points of 10 = good; Total scores/sample size
Specific Preparedness Score Points
On-scene/field handling/disposal score Points
Implementation score for control measures Points
4.Recovery 4.1Archiving Archive of relevant materials Points
4.2Analyzing Analytical report and impact evaluation Points
4.3Concluding Concluding report Points
  1. Note CDC means Center for Disease Prevention and Control