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Table 2 Observer rating reliability test [30]

From: Why are some groups physically active and others not? A contrast group analysis in leisure settings

Sample N N = 162
Images n excluded n = 5 (bad quality)
Sample n used for rating n = 157
Mean (M) age in years M = 30.38 years
Mean BMI M = 22.73 kg/m2
Total ratings by all observers: 471 total ratings
Rating results:
 Age category correct (in percent) 96.60%
 Age category errors (n total) n = 16
 Age category error rate (in percent) 3.40%
 Average deviation from correct age (in years) 2.83 years
 Body shape category correct (in percent) 97.24%
 Body shape category errors (n total) n = 13
 Body shape category error rate (in percent) 2.76%
 Average deviation from correct BMI (in kg/m2) 1.38 kg/m2