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Table 2 Overview of outcomes, outcome measures, instruments and assessments time points

From: Promoting self-management, health literacy and social capital to reduce health inequalities in older adults living in urban disadvantaged areas: protocol of the randomised controlled trial AEQUALIS

Outcomes Outcome (measures) Instrument Assessment time points
Personal information Age, gender, living arrangement, civil status, place of birth, educational background, job, medical conditions Primary care records
Changes in living arrangement and civil status   T1, T2
Primary outcomes Health status SF-12
EQ-5D visual analog scale
T0, T1, T2
Secondary outcomes Quality of life SF-12 T0, T1, T2
Social capital European Values Survey T0, T1, T2
Social support Inventory of social resources in the elderly T0, T1, T2
Social participation Loneliness Este II Scale-Subjective Social Participation Index T0, T1, T2
Care and self-care Self-care semFYC survey
Appraisal of Self-Care Agency Scale
T0, T1, T2
Emotional well-being Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS)  T0, T1, T2
Loneliness Gierveld and De Jong scale
Social support perception scale
T0, T1, T2
Depression Geriatric depression scale (GDS-5) T0, T1, T2
Physical activity The International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) T0, T1, T2
Health literacy Health literacy scale (HLS-EU-16) T0, T1, T2
Medication consumption
Use of social and health resources
Primary care records
T0, T1, T2