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Table 3 Factors motivating to participation in the intervention

From: ‘This is the beginning of the new me’: process evaluation of a group fitness intervention to promote wellbeing in formerly homeless individuals

Supportive environment

‘Pain. I don’t want it. I want to be fit. Exercise on its own isn’t very exciting. This is so close and convenient- why wouldn’t I come (Week 5).

‘I can trust that if I’m feeling down if I just get myself to the door (fitness facility) it’ll all be fine. I trust there won’t be any judgement there and there never is (Week 6).

‘It’s in the building, it’s convenient, it’s a friendly environment, and I like knowing that I’m doing something positive (Week 8).

Motivation by others

‘I’ll keep motivating him (Week 3). [talking about another tenant]

‘It’s lovely to be recommended by the concierge (Week 4)!’

‘This is excellent, working with the master is excellent. He’s so good. I feel like coming again and I’ll make sure I do (Week 4).

‘[trainer’s name] motivates me to participate when I walk past. He’s very welcoming, and gives me a sense of responsibility for myself (Week 4).

Improving wellbeing

‘I’m motivated to participate to increase my strength, work on my arthritis and I want to be able to ride a bike (Week 1).

‘I’m gonna get a sexy bum (Week 3)!’

‘(…). I want to remain healthy because I have no one to take care of me. I want to live a long life, and I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. You only get one life (Week 4).

‘I’m motivated to lose weight and become fitter (Week 4).

‘I always find it brightens me up. It’s slightly harder every time. I can feel myself getting stronger (Week 5).’

‘I just want to be healthy and do it for myself (Week 5)!’

‘I’ve talked to the doctor, and I gotta lose weight, the doctor recommended it (Week 5).’

‘I’m motivated by the fear of depression and suicide (Week 6).’