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Table 4 Associations between ethnicity and metabolic risk factors, adjusted for infectious burden categories

From: Ethnic differences in infectious burden and the association with metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease: a cross-sectional analysis

  Adjusted modela Adjusted model + IBb
  OR (95%-CI) OR (95%-CI)
Diabetesd, c
Dutch Reference Reference
Moroccan 3.51 (1.97–6.25) 2.78 (1.44–5.38)
Turkish 2.41 (1.32–4.42) 2.14 (1.03–4.20)
Elevated cholesterole, d
Dutch Reference Reference
Moroccan 0.98 (0.63–1.51) 0.74 (0.44–1.25)
Turkish 1.64 (1.07–2.52) 1.30 (0.78–2.16)
Hypertensionf, e
Dutch Reference Reference
Moroccan 0.46 (0.30–0.71) 0.39 (0.23–0.66)
Turkish 0.68 (0.44–1.05) 0.60 (0.36–1.00)
  1. Bold = significantly different from the reference group within the specified model, a Adjusted for age, sex, education level, current cigarette smoking, physical activity and BMI, b Adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, education level, current cigarette smoking, physical activity, BMI and IB. IB infectious burden measured by the number of infections (HSV1, HSV2, HAV, HBV, HCV and H.pylori) a participant was seropositive for, categorized into low (0–2 infections), intermediate (3 infections) and high (4–6 infections). With the term infection we in this study refer to antibody seropositivity, a measure reflecting current or past infection., c Diabetes was measured by self-report and/or glucose > 11.0 mmol/L and/or HbA1c > 6.5%, d Elevated cholesterol was measured by self-report and/or total/HDL-cholesterol ≥5 mmol/L, e Hypertension was measured by self-report and/or DBP ≥ 90 mmHg or SBP ≥ 140 mmHg