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Table 5 Quotes relating to types of financial incentives

From: Acceptability of financial incentives for maintenance of weight loss in mid-older adults: a mixed methods study

Type of Financial Incentive Supporting quote Opposing quote
Cash reward ... it is a win, win situation, you still keep on losing weight and you earn some cash, so yeah, I guess it could be some encouragement. Because … free money is always a good motivator ... You avoid your own money but you think, oh I’m working very hard for it, this makes you work hard to keep your weight off. Yeah maybe.
(Female, 55 years, female-only group)
Well, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to maintain our weight, it just means that that wouldn’t be an incentive, really… What we’re saying is basically, with the services that we would like, it’s like value adding to what we’ve already done. Whereas to me, getting cash is not value adding, right? Value adding is being offered additional things....
(Female, 69 years, female-only group)
Non-cash reward There’s merit to it, provided it’s something you wish to ... that is of value to you.
(Male, 67 years, male-only group)
I find half the time I get vouchers from retail outlets, they’re vouchers I don’t want to use, so I tend to give them away or don’t use them. I have about 5 sitting in my purse at the moment that I left downstairs and found.
(Female, 57 years, mixed gender group)
Deposit contract There were no quotes to use in support of deposit contracts It is, you always think, okay, what happens if I can’t keep my commitment and I don’t lose my weight, so what happens to the money, so it is gone, so I haven’t lost my weight and I lost the money so that would make me even more … Yeah you would go out and buy cake and put on more weight.
(Female, 55 years, female-only group)
Matched deposit contract You’re getting some return on your investment, besides losing your weight.
(Male, 71 years, male-only group)
That’s what it is. It’s a financial contract...You’re going to break it at some stage.
(Male, 72 years, male-only group)
Lottery I would be more interested in a bit of fun, but you know …
(Female, 73 years, mixed gender group)
A lottery just means that you’re not really getting rewarded, only that the winner will.
(Male, 53 years, mixed-gender group)