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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for title and abstract and/or

From: The use of advanced medical technologies at home: a systematic review of the literature

  Inclusion Exclusion
Title Advanced medical technology (−ies)
Medical technology (−ies)
Medical device(s)
High-tech medical technology (−ies)
High-tech home care
Home health care
Home-based care
Home-based technology (−ies)
Home-centered health-enabling technology (−ies)
Care at home
Care in the home
Inclusion criteria for abstract below
Telemedical system
Ambient assisted environment
iPad technology
VAD (ventricular assist device)
Dental devices
ECG (electrocardiogram)
AED (automatic external defibrillator)
Nursing home
Abstract and/or article Year of publication: 2000–2015
1. Respiratory support (RIVM)
  Respiratory support
  Respiratory therapy
  Mechanical ventilation
  Support ventilation
  Invasive ventilation
  Non-invasive ventilation
  Non-invasive mechanical ventilation
  Continuous positive   airway pressure (CPAP)
  Bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP, BiPAP)
  Negative pressure ventilation (NVP)
  Mechanical in-exsufflation
2. Sleep apnea treatment (RIVM)
  Sleep apnea treatment device
  (Positive) airway pressure device (PAP)
3. Suction devices (RIVM)
  Suction machine
  Suction apparatus
  Airway suction device
  Digital suction
  Mucus removal
4. Oxygen therapy (RIVM)
  Oxygen therapy
  Long-term oxygen cylinder
  Long-term oxygen ventilator
  Supplemental oxygen
  Oxygen conserver
  Oxygen concentrator
  Oxygen tank
5. Dialysis (RIVM)
  Haemo dialysis
  Hemo dialysis
  Peritoneal dialysis
  Peritoneal catheter drainage system
  Peritoneal automatic delivery system
  CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis)
  APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis)
  Dialysis machine
  Sorbent dialysis
6. Vacuum assisted wound  closure (RIVM)
  Negative-pressure wound therapy system
  VAC- therapy
  Vacuum assisted wound closure
7. Decubitus treatment (RIVM)
  Pressure ulcer treatment
  Decubitus treatment
  Decubitus mattress
  Pressure relief mattress
8. External electrostimulation  (RIVM)
  (External) electrostimulation
  Electrical stimulation
  Nerve stimulation
  Transcutaneaous electrical stimulation to treat
  slow-transit constipation
9. Continuous passive motion  (RIVM)
  Continuous passive motion
  Motion therapy
10.Skeletal traction (RIVM)
 (Skeletal) traction
11.Patient lifting hoists (RIVM)
  Patient lift
  Patient hoist
  Transfer device
12. Infusion therapy (RIVM)
  Infusion pump
  Infusion therapy
  Central venous catheter
  Central venous line
  Port a cath
  PICC (perifally inserted central catheter)
  Intravenous medication
  Intravenous therapy
  Intravenous chemotherapy
  Analgesia pump
  PCA-pump (patient controlled analgesia pump)
  Indwelling venous catheter
13. Insulin pump therapy (RIVM)
  Insulin pump therapy
  Insulin infusion
14. Parenteral nutrition (RIVM)
  Parenteral nutrition
  Parenteral feeding
  Intravenous nutrition
15. Enteral nutrition (RIVM)
  Enteral nutrition
  Tube feeding / feeding tube
  Feeding pump
  Enteral feeding
  PEG-tube (percutaneous   endoscopic gastrostomy)
- If no abstract and no article available
- If the title is in English, but the article is written not in English, German, French or Dutch/ Flemish.
- If about medical technologies, but not about the application in the setting of the home.
- If the abstract or article contains no empirical material. For the purpose of this review, ‘empirical material’ is defined as:
• medical technology which is designed for the home setting, or
• where the design or choices took into account the setting of the home, or
• where the medical technology has been tested for the home and
• if the medical technology is already on the market or being used in the home setting.
- If the abstract or article is about:
• electronic health records
• ‘smart home’
• ambient intelligence
• pervasive computing
• software of devices
• smart phone
• (surgical) robots
- If not conform the definition of RIVM (2013, page 15) of ‘complex medical technology’.
Advanced medical technology or high-tech technology in the home setting is defined as technology that is part of the technical skills in nursing and meets the following conditions:
technology that is advanced or high-tech, i.e. equipment with a plug, a switch on/off button, alarm button, pause button etc.;
technology that had been applied formerly in hospital care (‘intramural’), but that is applied also often in home settings nowadays;
technology that can be categorized as ‘supporting physiological functions’, ‘administration’ or ‘monitoring’.
  PEGJ-tube (percutaneous   endoscopic gastrostomy,   jejeunum)
  Percutaneous gastrostomy tube
  Jejeunostomy tube
  Gastrostomy feeding
16. UV therapy (RIVM)
  UV therapy
  Ultraviolet therapy
17. Nebulizer (RIVM)
18. Fetal cardiotocography  (RIVM)
  Electronic fetal monitoring
  Fetal monitoring
19. Respiratory and  circulatory monitoring  (RIVM)
  Respiratory monitoring
  Circulatory monitoring
  Pulse oximeter