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Table 1 Classification of advanced medical technologies in the Netherlands according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) [24]

From: The use of advanced medical technologies at home: a systematic review of the literature

Technologies with regard to:
Supporting physiological functions:
 1. Respiratory support
 2. Sleep apnea treatment
 3. Suction devices
 4. Oxygen therapy
 5. Dialysis
 6. Vacuum assisted wound closure
 7. Decubitus treatment
 8. External electrostimulation
 9. Continuous passive motion
 10. Skeletal traction
 11. Patient lifting hoists
 12. Infusion therapy
 13. Insulin pump therapy
 14. Parenteral nutrition
 15. Enteral nutrition
 16. UV therapy
 17. Nebulizer
 18. Fetal cardiotocography
 19. Respiratory and circulatory monitoring