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Table 4 Association between adherence and haemoglobin concentration in children who received daily home fortification with iron as ferrous fumarate or NaFeEDTA

From: Adherence to home fortification with micronutrient powders in Kenyan pre-school children: self-reporting and sachet counts compared to an electronic monitoring device

Adherence assessment method Difference in haemoglobin concentration, g/L (95% CI)a P-value
MEMS 1.2 (0.0 to 1.9) 0.04
Self-reporting 2.3 (−0.5 to 5.2) 0.11
Sachet count 2.7 (−0.9 to 6.3) 0.14
  1. MEMS Medication Events Monitoring Systems
  2. aAssociation expressed as the mean difference in haemoglobin concentration for each increment in adherence by 10 MEMS openings, or 10 sachets consumed as indicated by self-report or sachet count