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Table 4 Proportion of participants who agree/strongly agree with the specific items on social norms

From: Measurement of sexual health outcomes among people who inject drugs: pilot study in Catalonia, Spain and Barnaul, Russia

  Catalonia Barnaul
  Global n = 731 Male n = 606 Female n = 125 Global n = 471 Male n = 326 Female n = 145
One can have sex without loving the partner 70.6 72.8a 60.0a 69.9 73.3a 62.1a
Because of nature, men have more sexual needs than women 38.1 34.2a 56.0a 60.3 61.0 58.6
Homosexuality is a sexuality as any other 66.6 63.3a 81.6a 7.4 3.4a 16.6a
  1. aSignificant differences by sex