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Table 2 Matched analysis of the effects of the living wage factory on household earnings, savings and debt.

From: The impact of a private sector living wage intervention on consumption and cardiovascular disease risk factors in a middle income country

  Treatment Effect Standard error T-statistic p-value
Income and savings
 Monthly household income (RD$) 13454 2460 5.5 <0.001
 Monthly savings (RD$) 2578 714 3.6 <0.001
 Total debt (RD$) 19737 4611 4.3 <0.001
 Loan source is bank 66 0.23 2.8 0.0054
 Overdue payments on debt -38 0.11 3.4 <0.001
  1. Table notes: Values for monthly household income, monthly savings and total debt are shown in Dominican pesos. Overdue payments on debt is for the past year and is among individuals who have debt (n=198). Loan source is bank is a yes/no variable and is among individuals reporting having a loan (n=104). Treatment effect is an absolute difference taken by subtracting the mean in the control factory from the mean of the treatment factory. For loan source is bank and overdue payment on debt, differences are in percentage points.