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Table 4 Comparison of prevalence estimates between the present study and studies conducted on asthma in older school children

From: Prevalence and associated factors of wheezing illnesses of children aged three to five years living in under-served settlements of the Colombo Municipal Council in Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study

Study Area of study Age group (years) ‘Ever wheezing’ (95% CI**) ‘Current wheezing’ (Within 12 months)
Present study USS, Colombo 3–5 38% (33.6–42.5%) 21.3% (17.6–25.0%)
Samarasinghe, 2007 Colombo, CMC* 5–11 22.7% (NM***) 12.8% (NM)
Danansuriya, 2009 Gampaha 12–14 19.4% (17.3–21.3%) 16.7% (14.8–18.6%)
Nandasena et al.,2012 Colombo CMC Panadura 7–10 NM (NM) 20.8% (NM)
  1. Note:*CMC Colombo Municipal Council
  2. **CI Confidence Intervals
  3. ***NM- Not mentioned
  4. USS Under-served settlements