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Table 1 Study Specific Data Collection

From: Effects of a culturally specific tobacco cessation intervention among African American Quitline enrollees: a randomized controlled trial

Measure Baseline 3-Month Follow-Up 6-Month Follow-Up
Demographics X   
Tobacco Use X   
Weight concerns X   
Readiness to Quit X X X
Perceived Stress X X X
Depressive Symptoms X X X
Acculturation X   
Ethnic Identity X   
Expectancies for Culturally Specific Interventions X   
Perceived Social Support X X X
Perceived Ethnic Discrimination X   
Treatment Engagement   X X
Treatment Utilization   X X
TNP Use   X X
Intervention Ratings   X  
Time-Line Follow-Back (smoking pattern)   X X
Cotininea    X
  1. aSaliva for cotinine analysis is collected from self-reported abstainers only