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Table 1 Summary of baseline questionnaire components of the UAE healthy future pilot study

From: The UAE healthy future study: a pilot for a prospective cohort study of 20,000 United Arab Emirates nationals

Measurement category Instrument detail
Self-reported Questionnaires
Sociodemographic Employment status, Marital status, education, income, car ownership, and household size including workers.
Family history and early life exposures Family history of major diseases, birth weight, breastfeeding, parental smoking, childhood body size, residence at birth
Psychosocial factors Anxiety, depression, social support
Environmental factors Current address, current (or last) occupation, housing, means of travel, shift work
Lifestyle Smoking, physical activity, diet, sleep
Health status Medical history, medications, disability, reproductive history (women)
Nurse interview questionnaire Current and previous clinical history of the participants and and use of prescription medications